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Are you looking for a bathroom contractor who’s local to handle a renovation project in your home? Perhaps in Simcoe and Norfolk County? Mark Acton Construction ltd Mark Acton Construction ltd is based in Simcoe, Ontario and has been serving the Norfolk County area for over 30 years for all types of bathroom renovations, upgrades, and updates. This experience is vital to helping you make your decision on which contractor you’d choose. 30 years and beyond is hard to come by in today’s environment of daily upstarts and fly-by-nighters.

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Bathrooms are a Value Added Investment in Norfolk County

When you update a bathroom, the bathroom renovations you do have an amplification effect on the value of your home. For every $1000 you invest in a bathroom, you are likely to get a 5 times multiplier on the return valuation of your home. That’s pretty solid return on investment if you’re considering on selling your home. Put some effort into upgrading your bathroom and you just might make out like a bandit.

Ceramic tile bath tub jacuzzi

What Types of Updates Increase the Value of My Home in Simcoe

Using ceramic tile is one of the biggest value adders. When tackling home renovations in your bathroom, consider what you’d love to see in a home, and think about ‘NOT HAVING TO DO IT YOURSELF’ and that is why it can be such a valuable addition. You’re saving future prospective owners the time, and out of pocket expenses of doing the renos themselves.

Helpful local hardware retailer: Pickard’s HBC

Cabinets and Counters

Beyond ceramic tiles, you can look at other durable materials for counter tops and cabinets. Marble and granite are just the type of material that Mark Acton Construction may use to add maximum class and durability to your vanity area. When cabinets are made out of a hard wood, or something more stable and solid than melamine or plywood, you’re sending a signal that you’ve put in the work to upgrade a quality bathroom that lasts.

  • Hard woods
  • Granite or marble
  • High quality materials are key

Shower Stalls

For shower stalls, ceramic tile still has it’s advantages over shower enclosures and plastic ‘glue in’ pieces. These plastic shower enclosures aren’t as flexible as they may seem, and can be tragically compromised if not installed correctly.

Bathroom updates toilet and stall

Toilets and Fixtures

Toilets and fixtures like faucets and taps are another item of interest for the value minded renovator. Too often we can be tempted to just get the inexpensive nickle and dime type fixtures. Though cheap, these bathroom utilities don’t offer much in the way of warranty or dependability.

My Own Experience in Renovations

It is my own personal experience that it is much more worthwhile to purchase something on the higher end of the spectrum (without getting ridiculous), as this tends to point me towards something that will last more than a couple years. If I’m fixing my bathroom in Simcoe or Norfolk County – I don’t want to have to do it again while still paying off the first job.

Brushed Nickel / Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed stainless steel (may be this is dated by the time you read this) is probably the best looking material for bathroom fixtures to be made out of. It doesn’t show finger prints as badly as any of the reflective types, and cleans up pretty easily. It’s a great middle ground solution… You know, before getting into platinum or gold :)

brushed nickel faucetsHow Mark Acton Construction Does Bathrooms in Simcoe / Norfolk

It all starts with a meeting. Typically after initial contact is made by phone or email or site message, Mark will come out to the location. Whether it be Simcoe, Port Dover, Waterford, Delhi or Turkey Point, he’ll make the trip to see what you’re looking at for requirements. Bathrooms are a tricky business, as there’s often older factors to contend with that may cause issues with current building codes and restrictions. What used to work in 1971 may not be so good in 2018! Mark will discuss the options with you, as well as take input from you as to what your vision is, and how to work that into your budget for the bathroom task.

  • Initial call or contact
  • Site visit / discussion
  • Calculations and quote
  • Acceptance
  • Get started!

Cost of a Bathroom Update

There’s no easy way to predict what the cost for a bathroom renovation will be. All of the factors to take into account really require an in home visit to assess the current bathroom, fixtures, spacial constraints and the overall request as a whole. When Mark came to check out my bathroom, he pointed out that the current toilet cove (typically tucked into a little cut away where on the opposite side a bedroom closet is) would not be up to code by current standards.

The bathroom builders are now supposed to allow for approx. 4 feet of space across the location of the toilet. This allows for individuals of all shapes and sizes to be accommodated.

While working on your bathroom, consider which type of flooring you want to use!

ceramic tile shower stall Of course I took that into account when executing on the bathroom renovation. I want everything to be safe for everyone, now and on into the future. I’m glad he’s looking out for us in this manner. Had he not mentioned the building code changes, we could have gone ahead without acknowledging the change. This would have left us open to problems with future building inspectors if we were to try to make a sale of our lovely home in Simcoe.

Consider Mark Acton, Norfolk County

Of all the local contractors I had come to my Simcoe home, I’m happy to have had Mark Acton be the one who finally made everything make sense regarding the renovation I had planned. From here on out, I know who to call for any of my future projects! Mark Acton Construction ltd. Bathroom Renovations Simcoe Ontario 1-519-429-3001 63 Woodhouse Street Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 1G1 Mark Acton Logo Bathroom renos