Natural Gas for Commercial / Industrial Developments

Natural gas is a great energy resource – it is affordable, clean, and efficient, so it is a perfect option for commercial projects. However, to utilize natural gas as an energy source you must install commercial gas lines, and in some cases, these will require retrofit piping.

Although you should hire professionals to install industrial gas lines, let’s walk through the process of connecting natural gas from the utility to your project or building.

Pre-Project Planning

Before you can get started with hooking up your commercial natural gas lines, you must plan accordingly. Think about how natural gas will play into your project in the early stages so that you are not caught having to make changes and install retrofits at the end of the project.

This means having a line item in the project log to order the natural gas hook up lines before you even begin construction. Have a plan in advance on when it will be up and running – that way you can know exactly when you can expect it to be ready.

Another thing to consider early on is how long it will take to install your natural gas line. This will allow you to maximize the time you have available to use natural gas during the construction process – saving you money in the long run!

We recommend expecting four to six weeks for standard commercial gas line services. If your project is larger than usual or requires pressure gas and other special requirements, this timeline could be a bit longer.

Once you have an estimated timeline, reserve a line in the project log that will tell you when you need to order gas services – this will ensure that the natural gas is delivered and ready for use when you need it!

Applying for Natural Gas Services

The next step in the process involves requesting natural gas service for your commercial building. This requires you to contact the local natural gas utility (typically Enbridge in Ontario) that will be providing your natural gas so that you can determine the appropriate next steps.

At this point, you will need to initiate permits such as city permits, road crossings, and stream crossings. It will take time to apply for these permits and for them to be approved, so remember to submit them as early as possible. This will eliminate the risk of any delays caused by a lack of proper permitting.

Installing the Commercial Gas Lines

After the appropriate planning has been done and permits are in place, it is time to install the natural gas lines! These industrial gas lines will run directly from the utility to the main natural gas pipe in your area. From there, a specific pipe for your commercial development will be run to your building’s meter.

There may be a need for trenching and excavating to install the gas line. If so, an inspection will need to be completed to ensure that it was completed up to code.

Generally, the natural gas runs from the main to your business through a service line, and the utility company is responsible for maintaining it. The utility will normally be responsible for maintaining all aspects of the natural gas pipeline up until the gas meter. From there, all downstream equipment and supply lines are your responsibility.

Transferring Natural Gas to Your Commercial Development

Now that the commercial gas lines have been installed and connected to your meter, it is time to turn on the supply of natural gas!

When the gas reaches your meter, it will pass through an additional pressure regulator to reduce it if necessary. Some service lines carry natural gas at low pressures – when you light a gas furnace, the gas pressure will be just above that of the air pressure. This pressure difference allows it to flow from the burner and ignite into its clean, blue flame.

All you need to do now is utilize the natural gas for all of your commercial energy needs and reap the benefits of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency!

How Gerodo Contracting Can Help

“Gerodo Contracting” is southern Ontario’s natural gas line installation expert. We are here to provide natural gas line installation for commercial and industrial developments, so you can be assured that you have a stable and predictable supply of fuel for your business!

Whether you need commercial gas lines for restaurant equipment or heating for warehouses and multi-unit complexes, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

We provide a wide variety of installation services for commercial projects, including industrial gas lines from utility to meter, and meter to building. Our experts can install utility connections in large commercial developments, as well as provide our own trenching, plowing, mini-excavating, and utility locating.

To ensure the security of your industrial gas lines, we will use all plastic underground piping and hard piping to your appliances.

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