It’s not uncommon to want to find the best dentist in Simcoe, Ontario. I’d want to know too – If I hadn’t already found it.

How to Become the Best Dentist in Simcoe, Ontario

Everyone talks about it. But not in the way you think.

When you approach someone to talk about their dentist, usually the conversation tends to head towards the disasters. I prefer the opposite situation, where you get to hear about someone who really enjoyed their dental experience. Especially those right here in Simcoe.

A dentist isn’t scary, this isn’t the 1970’s. We’ve come a long way since the days of needles and pliers. You want a gentle touch, and someone who’s concerned about your well being. Totally understandable.

dentist with patient

When we discuss the positive aspects of dentistry, it’s easy to be overcome by the usual favorite aspects of this vital health care service. We would opt to think about:

  • Comfort factors
  • Gentile practitioners
  • Warm and fuzzy staff
  • Cozy waiting room
  • Games and wifi

All great things to have on your side at the dentist office, but are these things that REALLY change outcomes or patient happiness? Can they be determining factors in the battle for the best dentist in Simcoe?

Of Course They Can.

Isn’t Everything an Experience? Including the Dentist?

I enjoy going to the dentist, it’s always been a strange getaway for me. It’s peaceful, in fact.

You maybe reading that, thinking “WHAT?” but it’s the truth. My local dentist in Donly Dental, right here in Simcoe. Dr. Raj has always been a very friendly fellow, who is sure to explain the methods of his work to me. This helps me to feel truly at ease with the appointment – No surprises, right?

The chairs are essentially perfectly created to shape to the human back. I am human, so I adore the compatibility, lol.

dentist in norfolk county

Coffee isn’t always a dentist’s best friend, but you know the place has taste when they stock McCafe for the coffee machine in their waiting room. That’s going to make for a lot of energetic, happy brown teeth… (Hope that’s not a long term business strategy! ha)

A Next Level Dental Experience – The Waiting Room & Staff

The details DO count. I love the stuff that dentists have in their waiting rooms. It’s a sign of their compassion I think. If it’s just chairs and walls, it’s cold. Not good. I enjoy the fact that there’s TV’s or video games, even the coffee machine is a nice touch.

Even though I am never typically waiting long, it’s still nice to get a cup of coffee going before getting your teeth cleaned… Barley getting one sip out of it before the lovely staff call you in.

The Cleaning Room

One thing I’ll give this local dental office – They know how to make an impression with their sterilization room. As you pass by to get to your appointment room, you see the nice clean sterilization room. You can totally tell that they know what they’re doing here, as it looks like a quarantine chamber out of a movie. If something’s going in there – It’s coming out nice and clean…

That’s the dentist I want working on my teeth, anywhere in all of Norfolk County, for sure!

Local services simcoe ontarioConclusions and Reasons

It ends up that for myself, choosing the best dentist in Simcoe and Norfolk County comes down to comfort and trust. These are two very easy things to derive from a dental office as quickly as you can scope out a good parking space at the mall.

When I’m going to be dealing with a professional at such a personal level, you need to have these extra touches to round out the edges, and soften the hard lines that used to exist in the perceptions of dentistry. As I mentioned early on, it’s a new world out there, and presentation is just as important as the meal itself.

Donly Dental Simcoe Ontario

Donly Dental can be found at:

65 Donly Drive N,
Unit 1,
Simcoe, Ontario

This post is just one man’s opinion on the current state of dental care in our fine local community.