No matter the kind of building or its purpose, we can all agree that the flooring selection you make is important to everyday function.

This means that we should put some thought into selecting the flooring to be installed; paying attention to the style we want it to present, the level of care it will require, the everyday use it will receive, the climate of the building’s location as well as the material of the product.

So much to consider! This should help:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Flooring in Simcoe

These little do’s and don’ts tips will help you to make selecting and care a little easier for you and your home here in Simcoe, Ontario.

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Let us look at some of the most important tips when selecting your flooring.

  • Do Consider: The climate of your area. It is important that when flooring is being selected, we consider if the area experiences more rain than humidity. Some products such as hardwood are known to warp in moist environments and will eventually start to deteriorate. You definitely don’t want that to happen! In Norfolk County, we have our fair share of dryness AND humidity.
  • Do Consider: the foot traffic it will encounter. It is important to think; “How many times will people have to walk here?

More About Foot Traffic on Your Floors…

The truth is, heavy traffic in areas of your home or office in Simcoe will require flooring that is durable and soil resistant (meaning it won’t stain). With this in mind, it would be a flooring ‘don’t’ to consider placing lush carpeting in the foyer of the home or ceramic tile in the garage… A hit with a falling hammer is more likely than not to cause a crack or chip to your nice floor… (Thought ceramic tiles in the garage would look nice, wouldn’t it?).

  • Do consider: The style of your home or building. Is the set-up of the home a modern one with open spaces and clean lines or is it more traditional and timeless, like a country home in the rural areas of Norfolk County? Staying true to the style of the building when choosing the floor, will further complement the space. If the home boasts open spaces, do maintain the use of one flooring choice throughout; to create cohesiveness and complete the illusion of one large continuous space. This will be awesome especially if you plan to sell in the future, people love this stuff!
  • Do consider: The users of the space. Will the area be used primarily by children, animals or professionals? This tip ensures that the users of the space will be able to use it as intended. Don’t use carpet in areas that will be frequented by children with respiratory issues or where pets such as dogs and cats play. This will create additional work to clean and can affect air pollution in the home. On the other hand, do think of installing carpeting for areas that little ones will use for crawling and walking. Your comfort is also important when making that flooring choice.

Kitchen with new flooringLevelling Up

  • Do also consider: Edges that have steps up or down; no matter how small. To prevent accidents, do select thick layered flooring for these areas to prevent stubbing toes or tripping and falling. Also consider your budget. We all love nice things, and we agree that the flooring adds to the style of the home. We must however, spend within our means; selecting flooring that is affordable but still beautiful and durable.
  • Do consider: Other costs associated with the installation of your floor. These include grout for tiles, padding for carpets, moisture barriers for laminate floors as well as installation and delivery costs. If delivering and installing in Simcoe, you can talk to Flooring Canada Simcoe, on Queensway West.
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After Care Considerations

Also think, do you need to seal the floor after installation. This little tip will save you on repairs from moisture and mildew damage should there be exposure to water.

Popular flooring options also include hardwood, tile, ceramic, concrete and laminate. How we care for our flooring ensures durability, longevity and maximized enjoyment.

For ceramic or other stone-based floors, DO clean with water and detergent; avoiding cleaners with chemicals such as ammonia. DO vacuum as required but don’t use rough surface items such as steel wool pads to remove dirt. We don’t want to damage that beautiful stone look, now, do we?

Hardwoods are a little more durable, but will still require care. Let us look at the tips for hardwoods.

Hardwood Flooring Care Tips

Do apply the use of protection pads to the feet of tables and chairs. We love rearranging and redesigning rooms but really want to prevent scratches as we pull and push these pieces of furniture around. Do use vacuums, brooms or water for easy dust and dirt removal but don’t use wax based cleaners or cleaning solutions on your solid or engineered hardwoods.

Laminate Flooring Care Tips

Laminate floors also need proper TLC. Do minimize exposure to humidity by using moisture barriers during installation. Do remember that laminates can be scratched if exposed to hard items such as heels and claws so don’t install in areas frequented by your cats or dogs unless you plan to keep those nails trimmed.

It is also important to remember to pick up those wet socks or coats from laminate floors. These damp items may leave permanent water marks on those beautiful floors. It also means a big don’t for installing laminate flooring in areas such as the bathroom and laundry room. Also do use only laminate cleaners for these floors; this will keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Store Front Flooring CanadaCarpet Care Tips

Carpet care prevents mildew and odour in that area. To care for your carpeted floors do clean up spills as quickly as possible; as this minimizes stains. Do vacuum carpets frequently with a high suction vacuum to remove dust particles, food items, dander and pet hair.

It is not advised to place carpets in high-soil areas such as a mud room; rather do use small mats and rugs for easy cleaning. Furniture in carpeted rooms should be moved around; create new designs as much as you want. This prevents carpets from being marked and disfigured.

Vinyl Flooring Care Tips

When caring for those new vinyl floors, don’t wax to clean. Rather, do use damp mops or cloths to remove dust, dirt and water for the floor. Do use floor protectors on the legs of furniture to prevent scratches and permanent marks to vinyl flooring. A vinyl flooring ‘don’t’ is to the use of steel wool pads or chemical solutions for cleaning.

The Value is Under your Feet…

Floors add great value to our buildings and homes, they’re an essential part of keeping us from falling into the basement! These little tips will help us to not only choose the right flooring in Simcoe, but also to maintain that flooring for maximized use.

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