A Quick Aside Away From Simcoe, to Kitchener

I know I’m supposed to stick to talking about Simcoe based services and businesses, but this post calls for some extraordinary measures. Kitchener, Ontario is an equally beautiful, if not more so, city than Simcoe.

Having the benefit of being west of all of the big city action of Toronto, Kitchener has somehow retained it’s rural roots and heritage while growing to become quite the popular tech and business hub.

Big Businesses in Kitchener / Waterloo

Kitchener city logo

Over the last few decades, Kitchener and Waterloo area has seen a great influx of investment from both the commercial and agricultural sectors. Big companies have taken root as a result, such as:

  • Research in Motion (not as huge as they used to be :) )
  • Toyota
  • Maple Leaf Meats
  • Rogers
  • Sun Life Financial
  • and oh so many more

While the world of business blazes ahead in Kitchener, we still have a wide world of farmers and agricultural businesses lurking in our midst. Just outside of Kitchener, you can find a great deal of agricultural based businesses, like tractor dealers, and irrigation equipment retailers. It’s a truly endless parade of opportunity to help aspiring and long time farmers.

Farmers in and Around Kitchener

For much of Ontario, there are heavy and deep roots in many communities related to farming. Some families have been working the dirt for multiple generations. It’s this undying effort and love of farming that keeps big cities like Kitchener and Waterloo well fed, and ready to thrive.

Check out the Farmer’s Market in Kitchener

Farmers Market KitchenerFarmers have upkeep and maintenance of their own. Like any good business, they must also invest in their own sort of agricultural infrastructure. Where one company seeks to buy computers and digital goods to prop up the bottom line, farmers must maintain equipment, and seek to optimize every waking hour.

This is how you make the most of Kitchener area farmland, and the god blessed sunlight that gives life to all that the local farmers grow.

Why Farmers Matter More in Kitchener

Well, not to say that farmers matter more in Kitchener than in other cities, but that keeping big cities fed is an important logistical task. We’re not just talking about feeding people. We’re talking about growing the food, and transporting it in a logical way that keeps costs down, and bellies full.

Transporting the produce is probably what adds the most to any farmers expenses. It’s essentially an act of hiring a fleet of trucks and drivers to distribute goods. If only there was a way to digitize the farming produce in order to facilitate lossless transmission via the internet.

Not THERE’S a thought!

Farm Maintenance to Keep Costs Down

farm equipment in need of help

To keep from spending needless money REPLACING farm equipment or farm buildings (barns, outbuildings, silos, etc), a Kitchener based family farmer ought to maximize the use and endurance of currently standing structures.

From the Government of Ontario on Farm Maintenance: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/engineer/facts/struct-main.htm

Rather than replace or rebuild a barn, proper maintenance can seek to make older buildings last well beyond their expected expiry.

Making Barns and Farm Equipment Last

If you’re interested in making your barn or farm equipment last, an ideal solution is to simply paint them. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint on the barn, it’s roof, or on your tractor is all the protection it needs to withstand the elements for seasons to come.

For Kitchener, Waterloo, and the beautiful surrounding countryside, Ray Stewart Barn Painting Service is an ideal choice to freshen up your farm.

Ray’s barn painting skills reach far beyond the typical skill set to include (but not limited to):

  • Barn and barn roof painting
  • Steel and aluminum painting
  • Tractor and combine painting
  • General barn repairs and refurbishment
  • Boom truck ready
  • Fully insured

Ray Stewart Kitchener

How It’s All Good for Kitchener

It’s all good for Kitchener & Waterloo when you look at the picture both up close, and from afar all at the same time. It’s the only way you can appreciate how the good things that grow from a field outside of town, all the way up to it’s journey to the city, and how it feeds illustrious entrepreneurs and their drive to carry society into the future.

Bringing humanity forward, from one carrot in a field, to a pocket sized computer in every hand.

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