The Appeal of Laser Hair Removal

Choosing the right method for removing unwanted hair from the body is a recurring issue for today’s modern woman (and sometimes man!). In Woodstock, Ontario, the questions persists:

Should I wax, grab my tweezers or just use my razor this morning?

Leaving the Past Behind…

Yes, hair removal options of the last five decades remain common options for women today in Woodstock and the surrounding area. There is however, exciting news! There is another, and dare I say, more effective hair removal option now commercially available.

This novel method comes in the form of laser hair removal.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, hair removal has gotten savvy. Ladies are now afforded this effective option; providing another method from which to choose.

Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

  • Does laser hair removal work though?
  • How can you know if laser hair removal is the better option?
  • Does it have side effects?

So many questions and guess what? We have the answers. Our body is our temple and must be treated accordingly, right?

So let us explore this novel convenience for a bit to see if we can shed some light on this new hair removal option, and where you can find knowledgable help in Woodstock, Ontario.

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First Things First: What is Laser Hair Removal

So, what exactly is laser hair removal?

The process dates back to the 1970s but has become a more popular hair removal option within the last ten years. It is designed to use laser beams, as its name suggests, individually identifying hair follicles and destroying them.

The process can be applied to a number of areas on the body. These areas include the underarm, legs, arms, face and that most infamous bikini line.

Loving the options right?

Additionally, the benefits are numerous. The lasers are designed to be precise; perfectly targeting hair roots without damaging any skin around the follicles. Amazing right?

The process is not only precise but also timely. It works on an area of hair within seconds and is renowned for moving through large areas in only minutes.

The process is also acclaimed for successfully and yes, permanently, removing body hair after only an average of five brief sessions.

I know five might sound like a big number, but bring the other benefits back to mind and keep focusing there. It is money in the bank.

Preparations for Laser Hair Removal in Woodstock

Now that we know (and love) the benefits, let us talk about preparing for the laser hair removal procedure.

Like any other procedure being done on our body, it is important to take care and do some personal research.

  1. Be sure to research the facility (salon, spa or medical centre) and seek confirmation about the license of the technician.
  2. It is recommended that direct and excessive exposure to sunlight be minimized, prior to and directly after the procedure. While that warm sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D for the skin, it can also create unwanted complications when combined with the effects of the laser rays.
  3. When planning a laser hair removal session, it is also recommended that other hair removal processes be avoided for the week before (no pregame shaving). Why endure the pain of plucking and waxing when it is not addressing the ‘root’ of the matter?

These other procedures temporarily address the issue but will also compromise the effectiveness of the laser process.

Targeting the Hair

Prior to starting the process, the trained technician is expected to remove as much surface hair as possible.

The equipment should then be adjusted to target the area (or areas of focus, for those of us who are very ambitious).

Protection for the eye is also an essential for this procedure. Covering the eye, with the right gear, prevents damage to the eyes; keeping them protected as the beams of the laser work their magic on those pesky hair follicles.

Now the fun part! The actual process!

The Actual Process: (Woodstock, Ontario)

Try to get comfortable and relax as the process gets under way.

A cooling gel will be applied to the area of the skin that will be exposed to the beams. This cold gel-like substance, and yes, it really is a little cold when it contacts the skin, is designed to allow the rays of the laser to properly penetrate the top layer of the skin.

The treatment should be done in steps. There is no need to get nervous though. The technician must first apply the treatment to a small portion of the targeted area and allow some time to watch for a reaction. That is a smart move right?

Completing the entire treatment only to discover thereafter that you have a negative reaction to the gel or the equipment or both, I imagine, would be less than ideal.

Avoid Reactions – Monitor Results

Confirming that your skin is perfect; as we all love to hear; the technician can complete the procedure.

One of the best parts of the laser hair removal process is that there is almost no pain! Yes indeed!

The procedure comes with only minute sensations that are similar to tiny pricks from a pin. If we are honest, and let us be, this is by far more bearable when compared to some of the other removal procedures; making it an ideal choice; if ever there was one.

As you prepare to leave the treatment room, you should be given something to soothe the skin. All those pin pricks may create some discomfort in the area in the days to follow and relief in the form of a cream, lotion or an ice-pack will be welcomed.

After Care

In the coming days after your laser hair removal procedure in Woodstock, Ontario remember to stay out of direct sunlight, wear sunscreen and apply make-up only in cases where no blistering is noticed.

It is ok to continue the cool relief treatments as needed and most importantly, watch for any markings or changes to the skin. Any side effects should be carefully monitored and immediately brought to your technician’s attention if it worsens or does not recede.

When the healing process has been completed, it is time to enjoy your smooth, beautiful skin.