Formerly located in the M&M plaza in Simcoe, Canadian Ginseng is now operating out of owner Dawn Scotts office in Willsonville, just north east of Simcoe, and west of Waterford.

The Benefits of Locally Grown Ginseng

Canadian Ginseng & Giftworks has been a mainstay in Simcoe and Norfolk County for decades. Their love of locally grown ginseng products continues to be factor in how neighbours continue to discover the benefits of Ginseng.

By having a Simcoe area expert on an herb such as ginseng, we are able to borrow form their minds, and put to use generations of knowledge for the benefit of Norfolk County.

Knowing that ginseng’s ‘roots’ in Canada go back as far as the 1700’s is an astonishing fact. More important however, are the reasons why ginseng has the staying power.

Not only is it a major crop in Norfolk County – With many farms growing it, as made noticeable by the black tarps that reduce the sunlight exposure to the plant – It is also considered to have tremendous health benefits on a number of levels.

Let me share with you just a few!

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Metabolism Effects of Ginseng

As studied since ancient times in the east, the west is only beginning to study the effects of ginseng on human metabolism.

One of the main components of ginseng is something called a ginsenosides. Which play a role in the digestion and the break down of fats. Sounds like a win to me!

These ginsenosides break down the fat at a micro level… Not quite as small as the quantum level, but AntMan could still benefit from getting in on the action.

Also, by aiding the pancreas in the processing of insulin and blood sugar based problems, ginseng has been shown to help level out blood sugar levels. That sounds like 2 points for ginseng now.

Read more here about the metabolism benefits of ginseng.

Ginseng as an Anti Inflammatory Agent

Your immune system is your primary defence against… Well, basically everything! Invaders to your body have to surmount your defences to impact you. Ginseng aids in restoring inflammation to its natural helpful levels.

We do not want a body with zero inflammation, however we do want it to be at a nominal level, and not too high.

There have been many studies on ginsengs inflammatory modulation effects.

Ginseng Inflammation

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