In Search of a Portable Toilet Rental Company

I live in Simcoe, Ontario and am on a quest to find a local company to provide portable toilet rentals. I’ve got an event coming up and need the company I choose to be responsive to my needs, as well as be ready for a quick clean up when needed!

The Genesis of Rental Toilets in Norfolk County

Over the years, portable toilet rental companies have started popping up here and there. There was a definitive need for this, as in our neck of the woods, there was no significant player for ages.

It seemed that big companies from the city were the only ones providing this service, and it ended up costing an arm and a leg just to get a porta potty on site.

After researching the options in Norfolk County that have started up over the last two decades, it’s good to see that so many put such an emphasis on service. After all, that can be the difference. Good consistent service is what leads to the holy grail of marketing – Word of mouth.

Portable toilet rentals simcoeReputation

If I were to go on this portable toilet (porta potty) hunt with nothing to base my decision on besides the reviews and the words of others… I’d end up looking past the likes of Red Star, and choose the regions long time champ, Jimmi Jons.

Jimmi Jons, out of Langton, Ontario, are a central player in the portable toilet rental industry. They’ve grown year over year since 1981 to be perhaps the biggest force in Southern Ontario’s rural communities. Operating in a range as Far East as Dunnville, and as far West as St. Thomas, and Woodstock. Of course, covering everywhere in between.

Jim Kershaw

The name Jimmi Jons echoes in the minds of many as the saving grace, and cost effective saviors of a time long past.

Flipping this analysis back to the early 1980’s, an enthusiastic construction worker named Jim Kershaw became increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of options for portable toilet rentals in Southern Ontario… More particularly the Deep South of Ontario, his home at the time, Port Rowan.

A Growing Demand

The construction industry is one of the biggest renters of portable toilets. With projects ever active across the region, including Simcoe, Woodstock, Brantford, and St. Thomas, there’s no shortage of demand for units.

Porta potties are a staple of job sites. Right along side to hammers, 2×4’s, and cat calls, you’ll find a big blue box sitting nearby in which the real dirty work takes place :) – Most of the time, you’ll see a familiar logo stuck to the side:

Jimmi Jons Simcoe

Starting with a handful of portable toilet rental units, the Kershaw family began their new adventure as Jimmi Jons, and continue to this day, filling a logical void in the market, and creating a remarkable company in the process.


The emphasis on customer service mentioned above is rooted in Jimmi Jon’s quest to compete with bigger out of town players. Ultimately it would become the out of towner’s who would be finding it hard to compete.

At a certain level of scale, it simply becomes unfeasible to haul a batch or porta potties half way across the province and expect to compete with a local company, such as Jimmi Jons, who is focused on doing right by their community.

Farmers and Agriculture Rentals

farm rental toilet

We’ve touched on the construction industry’s need for portable toilet rentals, but there’s still another type of industry where ever present porta potties live on site: Farmers.

When looking at primarily rural counties such as Haldimand and Norfolk, you have tons of farms, farmers, and many migrant workers.

In these times where your work force isn’t your family (like the good old days) you may want to have a pair of porta potties on hand for your workers.

Since the harvest season doesn’t quite cover half of the year, you wouldn’t want to necessarily commit to having a new building constructed. Especially if it were a washroom type building that would only be used a fraction of the time.

Low Cost – Rent When Needed

Portable toilets bridge the gap, and the fact that you can rent them for the exact period required, means you’re only paying for what you use.

It’s the practical option, and the affordable option for farmers and their crews.

Special Events Rentals

Back to My Event Needs

Now that I’ve gone on a complete tangent related to toilet rentals, it’s time to get back to the point of the post.

Who am I going to use for my event?

I think it is a no-brainer that Jimmi Jons from Langton would be the ones to call. They’re not too far at all away from my home in Simcoe, where the event is to take place.

From all of the reviews around the web, and the people I’ve spoken to (wherever I see one of their portable toilet rentals stationed), Jimmi Jons has had nothing but consistent and repetitive positive reviews and feedback.

If this is how you break into an industry and dominate it, than that’s the kind of company I want to trust my event rental needs to.

It makes life so much simpler when you can trust the companies you work with.

Jimmi Jons serves Simcoe