Prevent or Treat Pregnancy Related Pain and Discomfort

So many times I found myself saying the same phrase “Ugh, I need a massage!” I’d always brush off my lower back aches and neck pain. Another day of yoga then binge watch a steamy reality show from the couch that no doubt was partially to blame for my issues.

Working from my home in Port Rowan, Ontario wasn’t helpful either, I was holding so much stress in my shoulders. Add my growing fetus to the list…. There seemed to be nothing I could do but complain.

My midwife gave me the push to pamper myself and finally try a prenatal massage therapist.

prenatal massage therapyIt’s Not Normal

As the days go by I find myself quoting the infamous excuse used daily by millions of people “It sucks getting older.”¬† I always kept myself in great shape and ate well. How in the world am I having any issues? Yoga keeps me flexible and of sound mind, walks and workouts for the strength. I have friends that do WAY less with zero issues.

When I would go to my Norfolk County doctor and ask about my lower back and neck pain, they gave me to a referral to a physiotherapist in town. I don’t live in a huge city with tons of options for health care, so, the local Norfolk County clinic was my only option.

When I went and had my initial visit they ordered x-rays and had me perform mobility testing. I didn’t seem to have anything out of alignment, x-rays looked good. The plan was to use an ultrasound laser thing on my sore areas along with acupuncture and at home movement stretches.

After many visits I didn’t have any gains with my pain. I did however gain anxiety and blood pressure issues with bruises from the acupuncture. I stopped going when I nearly fainted during an acupuncture session. My trust in this clinic left me feeling extremely anxious to put my well being into anyones hands.

Massage TherapistTrusting a Norfolk County Massage Therapist

I can’t begin to wrap my head around how anyone pregnant sleeps… Ever.

I was only into my second trimester and functioning at 30%… And that is being gracious.

With my added anxiety muscle tension from previous physiotherapy and pregnancy aches and pains I was barely getting any sleep. Insomnia is real, headaches are the worst. Thankfully, I had found a midwife in my town to care for me through pregnancy. She is the most wise of doctors, guiding me through so many trust issues I had developed over the years with health care.

I know many people still think that using natural health care and treatments are a waste of money, my friends and extended family included. That isn’t the case for me and my family. The day I started following an organic/natural means of living I started feeling like myself again.

The team I was building to provide excellent health care and well being for my family and I had me regaining the trust in others. I started my journey with a Naturopath. The naturopath looked into all of my bloodwork (things my general practitioner never even mentioned or would even acknowledge ). She suggested I start supplements and see a chiropractor.

The doors opened for me once I started seeing natural health care providers. I was referred to a midwife for my pregnancy and then to a prenatal massage therapist.

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When I went to my first appointment with the prenatal massage therapist I was on edge. I knew I was going to be in excellent care, I knew I wasn’t going to be unheard… Yet I still felt the ptsd that lingers from previous situations.

My initial consultation before the first massage was very in depth and personal.  Unique to what I was there for and not just an umbrella routine. I was thrilled! It gave me all the confidence in her to not cause more havoc on my nervous system and to heal me.

prenatal massageThe Massage Trials

After the first appointment I was literally floating… Ok, not literally. I did feel like it though! I was worried that I would be uncomfortable during the prenatal massage with my growing belly, turns our that they have a pillow to support and protect the belly so I could actually relax!

Getting to be completely content had me in a state of mind where I was just focused on the scents of the essential oil and calming atmosphere. I didn’t even need to ask if the essential oils were ok for pregnant woman. The prenatal massage therapist had already informed me and showed me her dedicated pregnancy bottles.

The prenatal massage therapist in Port Rowan talked me through the massage making sure the pressure was okay. Following our initial conversation she focused on finding the issues I was informing her with. I didn’t even know I had tension in some of the places she was massaging. When she massaged the base of my skull into my jaw area I felt like I was going to melt.

By the time my prenatal massage was done I sensed a relief in my headache almost instantly. Hence the floating. I was informed to take it slow and drink plenty of water to flush out any excess lactic acid that was built up and released.

norfolk massagePrenatal Massage Therapy Heaven

Now being 2 months into my prenatal massage therapy, I can honestly say I would recommend every pregnant woman to consider going. I am sleeping so much better now, no headaches, muscle tension is combated weekly to perfection.

My lower back seems to feel almost back to normal with my upper neck and jaw being massaged. My chiropractor agreed that in combination with each other, optimum mobility and minimum pain are the outcome.

The prenatal massage therapist I am currently seeing is also going to be treating me postnatal. Most massage therapists do have this option and I would recommend¬† looking into that as well. Our bodies go through so much creating little humans, we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves too!

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