When is it Time to Hire a Personal Trainer?

How do you know if you are in good shape?

There can be some signs to show that it may be time for you to get in shape and get your body where it needs to be. As an individual, you would want to maximize your life expectancy and look good while you are at it.

Many times you lead a busy life and you may not know what to do to remain in a good state of physical fitness. You could try exercising on your own but you may not be as dedicated to remain committed to a strict schedule, or even a moderate one.

You want to get in shape and start to exercise regularly but can’t do it on your own, what do you do?

One Option is to get a Personal Trainer.

A personal trainer is someone who has certifications and the required knowledge to give individuals general fitness instruction, health advice, among other features they may provide.

This is usually through exercise programs and both in person instruction and off hour regimes. Personal trainers usually will set a goal for the person to achieve and give feedback and keep the person accountable.

Accountability is one of the cornerstone aspects of a private fitness coach. Maybe you won’t do it for yourself – But you’ll do it for them.

Girl feet on a scaleFiguring it out Locally in Simcoe

A personal trainer can help you to figure out your current weaknesses and strengths and help you to get to your goal based on this. Final Touch offers you a Personal Trainer in Simcoe, Ontario and is ready to help shape you up!

They can craft programs around this that can help you to remain motivated throughout the entire program. The personal trainer can also make recommendations on general wellness that will include nutrition and general health issues. It’s like opening up a can of worms – But the good kind of worms.

Change leading to change for the better!

When do you need a Fitness Coach?

If fitness and exercising tend to be overwhelming for you then this may be a sign that you need some help. Getting fit may not be as easy as you think and you may need assistance to get there.  You may have started routines on your own but may not be seeing any results. This is a good reason to consider getting a personal trainer.

(I’ve seen it a hundred times… You buy the fitness video, or an online subscription service… But you just fail – WHY DID I SPENT THAT MONEY?)

Running shoes on woodYou may be interested in toning and working on a particular part of your body and may not know the technique to get there. A private fitness and personal trainer can guide you and tell you exactly what you need to do with the specific workouts you need to perform to achieve the desired results.

If you cannot handle the requirements then you will need to consider looking for a trainer. Step by step, as long as you’re moving forward!

Let us look at some things that you should think about when you are about to consider a personal trainer.

What to Look for When Hiring a Personal Training


When you have made the decision to select hire certified help for your health and well-being, there are some things to consider. The trainer should have experience with how to lead someone to their fitness goals. Also, they must have certification that would qualify them to do a training regimen. Watch out for folks masquerading as trainers… It takes more than just a six pack and nice biceps, after all!


One certification that is notable amongst trainers is the CANFITPRO certification. This can help the trainer to evaluate the needs of their client and provide clear options in physical activities and nutrition guidelines.

canfitpro certified personal trainerThe trainer will be equipped to provide training to groups as well and be able to monitor their clients to get to their goals while monitoring any medical conditions. The CANFITPRO certification will help the trainer to show the client a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

Experience will also teach the trainer how to answer questions that may relate to injuries or any discomfort the client may feel when doing activity. If there are any issues, they will lead them to medical professionals that can help them further.

Reasons to Use a Trainer in Simcoe

There are two main reasons you would want to get a personal trainer. What are they? They are motivation and accountability. The first, motivation, is an important part when you are participating in an exercise program. The complete program will be designed to keep the client focused on their goals and keep them motivated throughout.

It will be structured around their strengths and weaknesses and set up to be highly effective. For instance, if you have strong legs but weak arms, there are definitive ways to harness the power of your lower half to exert more force than usual from your arms. I’ve seen it – I’ve lived it!

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The next is accountability, the trainer will keep logs about the training regimen and progress of the client. This is very useful as trainers will monitor the progress of the client and evaluate if the structured program is working. If it is not working, then adjustments can be made to ensure that the goals are being attained.

Jeans dont fit in a good wayUsually, a trainer will set milestones and this is another useful way to know that the program is achieving the goals. Once you have accountability, then you will be guaranteed that your hit your goals within the projected time, or at least close to it.


As a trainer, it is best to be flexible and know how to adapt all your recommendations to the progress of your client. Sometimes, a client may not progress as expected and you may have to adjust based on their personal situation – Everyone is different after all.

At times, a formula may not be as clear cut and one size definitely does not fit all. Trainers should be able to craft a program based on the needs of the client, their goals and the amount of time you are working with. There should also be some flexibility in the regimen to ensure that changes can be made if necessary.

Locating a trainer

Doing a Google search in your area should get you information on the personal trainers that are located near to where you currently are. You can review their certifications to see if they are qualified and read their reviews. This can help you to make a decision.

Here’s a post from a great site about finding a personal trainer perfectly suit for yourself:

This may be harder in a smaller town as the trainers there may not have a presence online. Otherwise, you can ask around as these towns usually work by recommendation.

You can check in local gyms and fitness centers for notice boards where you may see posters that are advertising their services. Local directories may also be useful to find service you need.

Personal Training Ain’t so Bad

As with anything, the hardest part is typically getting started. Find someone you are comfortable with, and who you can trust will work with your best interests in mind. It’s your body, it’s your health, it’s your life, after all!