More on Simcoe Services

Norfolk County is the garden of Ontario and also home to a surprisingly resilient economy. There was the tobacco crisis of the 90’s, which was absorbed and allowed for the development of various diversified farming endeavours like Ginsing and cabbage. There was the Stelco/US Steele fiasco of the early 2000’s that left many unemployed and the local industrial job market in flux. Soon thereafter the region’s industrial services recovered by accepting Toyutetsu, a sub company of Toyota into the fold.


Walmart was a huge worry for local business and services in Simcoe. True massive buying power allows Walmart to undercut just about any competitor. Yes we’ve seen some business close down as a result, but in their place rise up new business and services to take their place and succeed.

simcoe-pondBusiness is evolution

As I’ve touched on before, if we look at these businesses as biological lifeforms or even as a species that has to fight for survival, we will see the weak die off, the unsustainable parish, and the strong and adaptable survive. Common sense when we are discussing turtles and birds, but another matter of perspective when we are applying it to businesses. You never relate a Walmart to a predator coming into the jungle and killing off all the ground level mammals. All the while leaving the tree climbers to thrive over head.

Pushing for those that never go out of style

For the reasonable foreseeable future there’s a few types of businesses and services that are apt to continue uninterrupted by just economical shifts. Like an ice age to our prior metaphor… The mammals and fish are here to stay.