A Plumbing Disaster in Brantford, Ontario

I know we usually focus on Simcoe here, but this story is still close to home, as it’s just up the road in Brantford, Ontario, and has to do with local plumbers.
It started out as an occasional clog in the toilet. One of the kids would do their business, and we’d have to plunge. It became clockwork. Daily plunging of the toilet. It drove me nuts.
Brantford Ontario

Back Home from Vacation

Upon returning from a two week vacation, we assumed life would return to normal. It didn’t. A few flushes later and we found ourselves with a clogged toilet. An impenetrable clog that foiled all attempts to de-clog.
I am no plumber, and the lack of responsive plumbers around the Brantford area made this hard. I didn’t realize how a family of six with one toilet was a recipe for disaster. When the single toilet is a single point of failure, you realize real quick that you need a second bathroom. If problems arise, and that toilet is take out of commission – You have zero options.
As I’ve mentioned, I am by no means a plumber, but I have dabbled in small repairs, and minor soldering tasks. I dislike plumbing, I’ve only done what was necessary, or deemed necessary based on high cost… The high cost of hiring your typical plumbing professional, that is.
I snaked the toilet drain like there was no tomorrow as I learned on wiki how. I baking soda and vinegar’d it like an elementary school science project.
All to no avail. I spent 8 hours trying to tackle this immense clog myself and found no success. At moments I had hope, as fragments of ‘this and that’ would bubble back up to the top of the toilet drain. Each time my hopes rose, they were immediately brought back to earth – or lower.

No Choice but to Call a Plumber from Brantford

I had no choice but to call a local professional plumber in Brantford. As much as I hated the thought of paying through the teeth for help… I was out of options. My limited knowledge of true plumbing ability failed me.
The Brantford plumbing services provider that I called was quick to respond. Shocking! Generally I expect to get answering machines, and zero call backs. BC Plumbing upped the ante, and threw my expectations for a loop.
Could it be? A contractor or skilled tradesperson that actually picks up the phone and responds? It is true. It WAS true, and it was happening for me.
Brantford and Brant County isn’t the biggest metropolitan party on the block… Still, it’s quite a lot of people and geographic area to manage for a plumber. That is part of why it is so shocking that BC Plumbing was able to answer me so fast.
When BC Plumbing of Brantford arrived on the scene at my home, he was quick to problem solve. It was like watching a murder mystery story. First, he listened, and listened well to the nature of my plumbing emergency.
(Don’t get me wrong, I know this may not qualify as a total plumbing emergency. As far as my family goes though, it was do or die!)

Solving a Plumbing Problem

After telling BC Plumbing what the issue was, he started by snaking down the drain. This was no ordinary toilet snake. It was an apparatus that hooked up to the end of a power drill. When snaked through the drain, the drill would spin the auger on the end and chew up any residue. This is the easy first step for plumbers, and an understandable approach. If the power auger works, there’s no need to get down and dirty.
Unfortunately, the power auger didn’t work, which means more problem solving.

Here’s how a power auger is supposed to work:

What happened next was a true surprise, and a testament to what experience in a plumber can add in value.
The local plumber followed the drainage pipe through the basement. As he travelled crosswise the width of my house, he tapped and knocked the drain pipe. After he was about 25 feet away from where the toilet was above, he stopped. He’d found something.
By knocking and tapping the drain pipe, he’s able to sense what is IN the pipe at that point. This was a plumbing lightbulb moment for me. By listening, he narrowed in on the area past the blockage… When the pipe started to echo or rattle, it meant that it was empty. Confirmed no-flow before that point.

This Toilet clog is ours.

With this new knowledge, the plumber used the access point on the drainage pipe right above grade. We had concerns that when the access point opened, there would be a massive mess of sewage.
The plumber assured me that it would be okay. Since the pipe was dry at that point (due to the blockage), there was no worry of mess. When the access point was… accessed, and the clog removed, holding a rag over the opening would be good-enough.

The Next Drain Pipe Problem Presents Itself

As experienced and professional as this local plumber from Brantford is… Some clogs seem to have a little more experience in ‘hanging in there’.
With the power auger (drain snake) in hand once more, the plumber went up the access point to make his move. Unfortunately this was not enough bite, and the clog persisted.

When HydroJet High Pressure Water Comes in to Play

I’ve never heard of hydro-jetting before. A high pressure (and I mean high) hose feeds through your pipes to clear ANY debris and buildup. We’re talking 3500 PSI attacking the most stubborn clogs.
This was the solution we needed right from the beginning. As chunks of grease and oils broke free, the water behind started to flow. With rag in place over the access, my new plumber friend blocked all manner of mess from escaping. God bless him!
Once the upper pipe was completely cleared, the plumber ran the hydro-jet downwards. This was an effort to clear the loosened debris and push it further out towards the street.

A Problem Solved, and a Family Saved 

To be able to flush our toilet once again was never so relieving. Finally the anxiety associated with our bathroom is gone. I can now continue on with life worry free each time a child enters the bathroom. Living with a close-to-clogged toilet for years is a stress I hope you never have to endure.
With an experienced plumber from Brantford, you too are free! Steer clear of improper diagnosis and failed attempts at fixing your plumbing. Experience counts, and local help matters.
Our family would love to thank BC Plumbing for coming to our home in Brantford, and taking care of the monster clog. It had plagued our family for far too long. Thank you.
BC Plumbing
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