Real estate is one of those things you can’t avoid. Especially if you’re looking for a place to live in Simcoe or Port Dover Ontario.

Many of the existing homes are selling at record high prices (I mean, do they ever come down?). New home construction is also too hot to trot.

New home builders such as Mark Acton Construction and Prominent Homes are both busier than ever.

What is someone who is interested in the local real estate market supposed to do when searching for the home of their dreams (are we sick of that phrase yet?).

Realtors in Simcoe & Port Dover

The last decade has brought a lot of intrusion to the typical world of real estate sales representatives. Newcomers and disrupters like Purple Bricks and Property Guys are giving the typical salespersons a little extra run for property listings.

The last decade has also seen the addition of the modern real estate sales representative that take an old fashioned industry in a bolder, younger, more modern direction:

Enter: S.A. Hache of Brown Realty Brokerage:

S.A. Hache is a real estate sales representative serving Simcoe and Port Dover, who comes from a background of interior decorating and design, and made the move to real estate sales in 2010.

S.A. Hache joined the Simcoe based Brokerage of Brown Realty, and has since won several awards and continues to excel at prompt and energetic customer communication.

What’s Involved in Real Estate in 2020?

The fundamentals of real estate sales and service haven’t changed much over the last 20 years. Sure, local prices have surged, and there has been a rapid migration to using digital methods to advertise and communicate.

However the foundations of:

  • List
  • Communicate
  • View
  • Decide…

Are the same. 

Finding a real estate sales representative is not simply a matter of searching for one. It now seems to fall on to referrals, and accidental discovery. For example, FOR SALE signs on front lawns offer the most critical avenue of salesperson discovery.

The right house, listed at the right time, with the right eyeballs passing by is the perfect combination that can lead to an otherwise little known real estate salesperson being discovered.

Current Property Listings

More information on current property listings coming soon!

Contact information

S.A. Hache Royal LePage Brown Realty Brokerage
63 Queensway E., Simcoe, N3Y 2K7